Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What does it mean to be a Marine?

What does it mean to be a Marine?

With this being the week of the Marine Corps birthday and Veteran’s day this made me ponder the thought of what does it mean to be a Marine? I thought about this from both the wife and mother aspect of this question and here are some of the things that it takes to be a Marine.

Marines are taught duty, honor and commitment but, to do those things you have to be selfless. These men and women are truly selfless people. They put others in front of their own needs and desires. They are willing to sacrifice it all, even their own life if necessary. That thought never occurs to them when they are signing that paper or swearing their allegiance. They just want to serve their country and keep it safe because of the love they have for their country and those that live in it.

They don’t complain about the luxuries they do without while they are on the battle field. They are comforted that while they are across oceans and in other countries on foreign land, that the fight hasn’t reached their home or their family so, their families are safe to sleep another night.

When I thought about these things I remembered things my own husband has said about being a Marine. He has always talked about the great tradition of the Marine Corps. That it is about going in as others are coming out. Taking pride in the things you do because you know your brother is depending on you. When we were attacked on Sept 11th, he immediately said we are at war. Later that very day he was on the phone with recruiters to see if he was needed. Mind you, he had been discharged ten years earlier and has a metal plate in his hip from a auto accident. But, on that day when he saw that his country was in need he was willing to make that call. He was saddened when he was told he wouldn’t be re-called because he was once again willing to give it all.
When my son went to Iraq I cried because to me he was still my little boy. He went and fought and came home a man. He was glad to be home but, longed to go back and help those brothers he left to continue fighting there in Iraq.

I have two more sons willing to serve in the Corps. One is on his way in boot-camp as I type and the other is counting the years until he graduates. All of them have said it’s about following the example their father has made. Their father has taught them God, Country, Corps. He has shown them to always put God first and everything will fall into place. Country is where we live and whom we live with. To love them both and be willing to give it all for either one and the Corps will help you put all of the above together.

So, to all Marines I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice.
And, to my Marines thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting for my freedom and my life.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


When you pray to God do you believe he really hears you or do you fill like your prayers are just hitting the ceiling?
Do you realize that when you pray you have to believe God will hear you and answer your prayer? God answers every prayer according to His perfect will. Did you catch that....according to His perfect will. When we are walking with God and we pray to him he answers every prayer. We have to remember that our ways are not his ways. Even Christ prayed "Father, if you are willing, take this up from me; yet not my will but yours be done" (Luke 22:42) Christ also taught us to pray "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"(Matt 6:10).
As Christians we need to align our will with that of our Father in Heaven. So many times we think of God as a Genie in a bottle just sitting around waiting for us to call on him and ask for stuff. That's not what God wants from us, he wants us to know him intimately, so that when we do pray we know that he will hear us and answer us according to his perfect and good will. We have to remember that key thought....according to His perfect will. We may not get the answer we are looking for, but, he does answer.
So, with that in mind.....Do you believe God hears your prayers?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Tomorrow in store for you?

Tradegy has struck our town this past week. Three young girls killed in an accident as they were walking home. They were 15, 14, and 12. When I heard the ages it made me think about how our lives are truly just the twinkle of an eye. Then I turned my thoughts to my own boys and thought are they ready to meet their Savior? As I tried to turn this tradegy into a teaching moment for them and stress to them the importance of having their life right with God, I started thinking how many times we have thought we have tomorrow. I know when I was a teenager I thought tomorrow would always come and I didn't have any thing to worry about because after all I was young. Even as an adult I am always planning the next days events in my life just assuming that God is going to give me another day. But, then I realize I am not guaranteed another day. None of us are no matter what our age. Psalms139 talks about God knowing us. He really knows us!! He knew when we were conceived, he knows when we lay down and when we rise and verse 16b says "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Our days are numbered from the time we were made. Now, I don't mean that in a mean way--I am saying God already knows when are days will be done and we all must be ready to meet God. When that day comes will we be ready?? Ready to embrace the one who died on a cross for our sins. Have you asked for forgiveness of your sins from the only one who can cover your sins? Is Christ your Savior?? If not search your heart and pray to the only one who can save your soul. Jesus Christ!! Ask him to cleanse your sins and to bring you into a fellowship with him and the father. Since there is not guarantee for tomorrow please don't put this off. Remember the ages of these girls and I am sure they thought tomorrow would be there for them......

Monday, November 16, 2009

Awaken by God

This my first blog so don't laugh....
At 1:50 A.M. I rolled over and couldn't get the song Love Hurts (I don't know who sings all I know is it is from the late 70's). I kept trying to think of Praise songs to sing in my mind so I could go back to sleep. Then I tried to change the lyrics so they would be "Christian". Nothing helped I just kept hearing this tune over and over. So, when all else fails what does a Christian woman do? She starts praying thinking that will help me go back to sleep. But, not last night. The more I prayed the more God kept taking me back to my childhood. A place I don't care to re-visit unless God is leading me to a new door that needs to be opened so more healing can take place in my life. This morning he wanted to show me my obscured view on love. That at times I have a hard time loving people because I am afraid to love and then be hurt.
As a child love did hurt. The two people that were suppose to show me how to love didn't know how to love one another. All I knew is that love was painful and violent. The fighting, screaming and shattering of things and the bruises that my mom had to bare were just to much for me at times. Then comes someone who says he loves me...Really? I am only seven years old. Little did I know that-that warped since of "love" I would carry for years. Right into my teenage years and allowing guys to say they love me to get me do what they wanted. I so wanted to be loved.
I can remember going to church with my one cousin and she would always tell me how much God loved me. But, I always wondered if he really loved me since I had to endure so much pain. Well, when I was 14 years old he showed my how much he loved me. God had a wonderful friend come into my life and she introduced me to the God of the Universe. She showed me how he gave his son for me because he loved me. I would think I am so unlovable and I am way to damaged. Thank God she was persistent as was her entire family. I think my family became their mission field. I remembered from my cousin teaching years earlier and there truly was a desire to be loved by God. When I asked Jesus in to my life I felt such a relief. But, the dark ugly secret that I had to keep would just stay with me for years. And that is what brings me to my blog today. When we ask God to forgive us-He does! He is so faithful to his children too.
In the bible study that the ladies are going through at church he began speaking to me today.
Psalms 129:1-2 says "They have greatly oppressed me from my yout--let Israel say--they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but, they have not gained the victory over me." You see the enemy has used my family my whole life to try and oppress me but, because of God's great mercy they have not gotten the victory over me.
The enemy has kept me quiet for years with fear of embarassing myself or my family. But, God has given me a family that loves me and shows me what God's love truly is. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband (and I do mean wonderful) who has loved me through many of trials. He has had to endure me through counseling and my lack of self forgiveness and love for myself. Remember, I am damaged goods and he was pure. God knew who needed to be in my life. A man that would show me what true love is and when that man loves God with all his heart how he can in turn love his wife as Christ loves the church. Then God blessed me with three boys that would lay down their lives for me. They show me love that sometimes is just unimaginable from your children. I know in a moment they would do anything to protect me and where did they learn that but, from a father that has shown them what it means to be a godly man. A man who shows them God's love even when they blow it and extends to them mercy and grace just like God has done to us. Finally, he has given me a church family that is just amazing. As I type this blog my heart is overflowing with joy. I am so blessed. I have one brother who I adore but, when God gave me my church family I am overflowing with brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters who I know love me and why, because God loved them first.
So, as I thought about why that song was in my head this morning I realized it was God showing me that the only one who was hurt by love was his son. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but, have everlasting life." God show me that Christ took my pain for me when he was on that cross. Why did he endure all that pain? He loved me and he loves you!!!
Love is not meant to hurt us. So, devil you loose again. Love doesn't hurt when it is God's love.