Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What does it mean to be a Marine?

What does it mean to be a Marine?

With this being the week of the Marine Corps birthday and Veteran’s day this made me ponder the thought of what does it mean to be a Marine? I thought about this from both the wife and mother aspect of this question and here are some of the things that it takes to be a Marine.

Marines are taught duty, honor and commitment but, to do those things you have to be selfless. These men and women are truly selfless people. They put others in front of their own needs and desires. They are willing to sacrifice it all, even their own life if necessary. That thought never occurs to them when they are signing that paper or swearing their allegiance. They just want to serve their country and keep it safe because of the love they have for their country and those that live in it.

They don’t complain about the luxuries they do without while they are on the battle field. They are comforted that while they are across oceans and in other countries on foreign land, that the fight hasn’t reached their home or their family so, their families are safe to sleep another night.

When I thought about these things I remembered things my own husband has said about being a Marine. He has always talked about the great tradition of the Marine Corps. That it is about going in as others are coming out. Taking pride in the things you do because you know your brother is depending on you. When we were attacked on Sept 11th, he immediately said we are at war. Later that very day he was on the phone with recruiters to see if he was needed. Mind you, he had been discharged ten years earlier and has a metal plate in his hip from a auto accident. But, on that day when he saw that his country was in need he was willing to make that call. He was saddened when he was told he wouldn’t be re-called because he was once again willing to give it all.
When my son went to Iraq I cried because to me he was still my little boy. He went and fought and came home a man. He was glad to be home but, longed to go back and help those brothers he left to continue fighting there in Iraq.

I have two more sons willing to serve in the Corps. One is on his way in boot-camp as I type and the other is counting the years until he graduates. All of them have said it’s about following the example their father has made. Their father has taught them God, Country, Corps. He has shown them to always put God first and everything will fall into place. Country is where we live and whom we live with. To love them both and be willing to give it all for either one and the Corps will help you put all of the above together.

So, to all Marines I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice.
And, to my Marines thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting for my freedom and my life.

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